Slightly less contraction for Schiphol, cabinet investigates night closure

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The cabinet will reduce the number of flights at Schiphol, but not as far as previously thought. The maximum number of flight movements at the airport will be reduced from 500,000 to 452,500 next year. That is a smaller shrinkage than the previously announced number of 440,000.

The blade must be used in the capacity at Schiphol to reduce noise nuisance for local residents. The government had to submit the plans for this to the European Commission by today. He advises on the shrinkage plan. The cabinet then takes a final decision.

There will be no ban on private jets at Schiphol, which will also remain open at night for air traffic for the time being. Instead of a maximum of 32,000 flights, another 28,700 aircraft will be allowed to take off and land during the night hours. These must also be quieter devices.

Investigate night closure

The outgoing cabinet will investigate a night closure, as Schiphol itself has proposed. To this end, the government wants to know what the consequences are and to get a say from airlines, for example.

In addition, the use of runways that cause the most nuisance to local residents will be limited. A plan by Schiphol itself for a partial night closure is still being investigated, according to responsible Minister Harbers of Infrastructure and Water Management.

5 percent shortfall

According to Harbers, with 15 percent, the requirement to reduce noise nuisance at Schiphol by 20 percent will not be met. Possibilities for additional measures are not feasible or take too long, such as quieter aircraft.

For this reason, Harbers will further investigate Schiphol’s proposal for a partial closure.

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