Sky-high deposit when renting will soon be a thing of the past 19:29 in Politics The Chamber agrees with a plan by Denk to limit the deposit.

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A couple receives the keys to their new house during the key handover
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The deposit for rental houses is restricted. The House of Representatives agrees with a plan by Denk that means that landlords will no longer be able to ask for too much deposit for rental houses in the future. That was not yet regulated by law. Until now, people who find the deposit too high have had to go to court.

If the Senate also agrees with the plan, landlords may in future only ask for a maximum of twice the basic monthly rent as a deposit. If tenants move out again, landlords must repay the money within two weeks. A landlord can only extend that period in the event of damage or problems with the payment of the rent.

Think MP Van Baarle came up with the proposal after signals that landlords see a revenue model in withholding the deposit. Van Baarle wants to better protect tenants in this way.

De Jonge has already responded positively to the plan. Today, the Chamber also approved De Jonge’s new law to combat abuses in the rental sector.

  • Thousands in deposit not returned after the end of the lease, ‘landlord is just trying’
  • Landlords who ask too much can be fined by new law
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