Sky ECC: Emmenaar (40) arrested for international cocaine trafficking

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The police arrested a 40-year-old man from Emmen on Monday morning on suspicion of large-scale international cocaine trafficking and money laundering. Searches have been carried out in various buildings in Emmen. Large amounts of cash and two firearms were seized.

Multiple cocaine shipments

De Emmenaar is suspected of being involved in international drug trafficking, mainly cocaine and money laundering. In recent years, he is said to have been involved in several large cocaine transports, mainly from South America to the Netherlands. The suspect is in full restrictions, meaning he is only allowed contact with his lawyer.

The investigation into the 40-year-old Emmenaar had been going on for some time. Cracked data from chat service Sky ECC led to his arrest.


Searches were carried out on Monday morning in the home of the suspect and four other homes, a garage box, a commercial building and a catering building. This includes the use of sniffer dogs that are specifically trained to search for drugs, weapons and cash. Large amounts of cash and two firearms were seized during the searches. Exactly how much money has not been disclosed.

The police report that the investigation is still in full swing and new arrests cannot be ruled out.

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