Six explosions at Rotterdam homes in one week

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The facade was damaged in the explosion last night

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At least six attacks have been committed on homes in Rotterdam in a week, concludes regional broadcaster Rijnmond. Last night, a facade of a house in South Rotterdam was damaged by an explosion.

No one was injured. The blow was heard around 3 a.m. There is damage to the door frame and the rain pipe, among other things. No perpetrators have yet been found.

A few hours later an explosive exploded at a house in Spijkenisse. According to the police, there is mainly glass damage. No injuries were reported here either.

This week there was also an explosion near the house where an explosive exploded last night and also in Kralingen-Crooswijk and Rotterdam-Feijenoord, among others. According to Rijnmond, the counter already stands at twelve explosions in February, eight of which in South Rotterdam.

Investigation team

At the beginning of this month, the Rotterdam police formed a large investigation team to investigate whether there is a connection between the attacks. One man was seriously injured in one of the explosions this month.

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