Six arrests in investigation attempted manslaughter station Bijlmer ArenA

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Amsterdam – The criminal investigation department has arrested six people in the investigation into an attempted manslaughter at Bijlmer ArenA station on Friday evening, May 5, 2023. It concerns boys between the ages of 15 and 17 from Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Lelystad. Five of the six suspects turned themselves in to the police. The police are once again calling on all other suspects in this case: report yourself and prevent your images from being shown at a later time.

The serious violent incident took place around 9:25 p.m. Friday evening. A large group of people punched and kicked a still unknown victim on a platform of the station, including in the head when he was already on the ground. At one point, the victim managed to get up, but was then pushed onto the track. Police officers did not find any victims at the scene after the incident was reported. Who he is is unfortunately not clear at the moment. The police have already made several calls to him to come and report, but without result. Because not everyone in Amsterdam is proficient in the Dutch language, this appeal is now being repeated in English.

English victim appeal

Are you the victim of the violent crime in the evening of Friday May 5 at station Bijlmer ArenA? Please reach out to the Amsterdam police department. We want to take your statement, but first and foremost want to know if you need any medical care.

Circumstance incident

At this time, nothing concrete has been determined about a possible cause of the heavy violence. The detective has understood that there are different stories about what might have happened. Not all of this information is actually shared with the police. Do you know more about the cause of the violent incident? Then contact the police.

Suspects not yet arrested

The investigation into the attempted manslaughter continues in full swing after the six arrests. In the meantime, the detectives have been able to identify several suspects on the basis of the available camera images and they have not all been arrested yet. Again the call to these suspects: report to the police and prevent your images from possibly going outside at a later time. On Saturday evening, May 6, the police already distributed unrecognizable images of a number of suspects, due to their presumed young age. If the identity of these suspects cannot be established, those images will be shown recognizable at a later time if necessary. Recognizable or unrecognizable images of other unknown suspects can also be shown if necessary.

Sharing information

Can you help the police further? Call 0900-8844 or fill in the online tip form. Do not forget to mention the case number: 2023099681. Report anonymously? Call Meld Misdaad Anonymous: 0800-7000 or go to

Call the police


Respond online

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