Singer/guitarist Neil Hagerty (57) prosecuted for wounding officers

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American singer and guitarist Neil Hagerty (57) of alternative rock band Royal Trux is being prosecuted in his own country for injuring three police officers. Hagerty was charged with three felonies by US prosecutors in Denver on Thursday. He appeared in Denver District Court on Friday.

Neil Hagerty was arrested April 14 in Denver, Colorado, after allegedly injuring three police officers. The incident occurred when police responded to a report of a “welfare check” on North Pennsylvania Street.

Badge torn off

The officer who responded to the report was talking to the caller on the street when Hagerty then stormed out of an apartment building and attacked the police officer. In doing so, he would have torn off his police badge and cut the officer’s throat with it, according to the Denver police. At the same time, Hagerty tried to pull the officer’s firearm from its holster.


The wounded officer called for backup, after which Hagerty continued to fight, wounding two more officers. He tried to take the taser from one of them, after which he was arrested. The three officers were treated at the hospital for cuts and abrasions. They suffered no serious injuries.

Hagerty is charged with three felonies: one attempted second-degree assault on an officer, two attempts to disarm an officer, and two counts of resisting arrest.

Royal Trux

The duo Royal Trux released the album White Stuff in 2019, their first new album in almost 20 years. The band was due to tour that year, but the dates were postponed due to “some unresolved issues that stemmed from an earlier arrest,” involving Hagerty’s bandmate and ex-girlfriend Jennifer Herrema. The tour was eventually cancelled.

Neil Hagerty also plays in the rock band The Howling Hex. In the past he was active in garage rock band Pussy Galore, among others.

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