Sick researcher rescued from Turkish cave after more than a week 00:51 Abroad Mark Dickey was stuck underground for more than a week. Considering the circumstances, the man is doing well.

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Mark Dickey after his rescue
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The American scientist who was trapped in a Turkish cave about a kilometer deep has been rescued. Rescue workers carried the man upstairs on a stretcher.

The rescue operation lasted several days:

American scientist rescued from Turkish cave after week

Mark Dickey (40) was on a mission to map the Morca cave system in the Taurus Mountains when he suffered a stomach haemorrhage more than a week ago. This made him too ill to climb back to the surface himself.

In a statement, the Turkish organization that studies caves said Dickey “is fine” and is currently receiving medical attention above ground. 190 aid workers from several countries participated in the rescue operation.


Last week, a Hungarian doctor was the first to reach the scientist and a blood transfusion was performed, after which his condition improved. A telephone connection was also established with him.

Rescuers hoist Dickey, who is lying on a brand card, up into the cave

The rescue operation was made more difficult by the low temperatures underground. The rescuers included doctors, nurses and experienced cave climbers.

On the way to Dickey, the rescuers had set up camps in various places, where she and Dickey could rest during their climb up. They also had to widen some narrow parts in the cave so that the stretcher could be raised.

Last Thursday, Dickey thanked the rescuers and the Turkish authorities for their efforts from the cave:

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