Shots fired in front of a club in Amstelstraat

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AMSTERDAM – The police arrested a suspect on Monday morning, September 18, in connection with a shooting incident on Amstelstraat. A bystander was slightly injured.

Around 3.20 am the police received a report that shots may have been fired at an entertainment venue on Amstelstraat. When the shots are fired, there are still many people on the street. Bystanders hold the suspect until the police arrive, after which he is arrested. The firearm is also found and seized by the police. The police spoke to several witnesses and conducted trace investigations. The reason seems to lie in a disagreement between the suspect and the staff.

The police are investigating the case. Do you have information that may be relevant to the investigation? Or do you have images showing (the lead-up to) the incident or the suspect? Then the police will be happy to receive it. Contact us on 0900-8844 or share your information via the tip form below (registration number 2023211389).

Would you rather remain anonymous? Please contact us on 0800-7000 (www.meldmisdaadanoniem). A shooting incident can also have a major impact on bystanders. Were you there and would you like to talk to a professional? Please contact Victim Support on 0900-0101.

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