Shortage of aircraft at Transavia, thousands of passengers affected 15:52 in Economy Due to major maintenance and problems with paperwork, six Transavia aircraft have to be grounded.

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Due to a shortage of aircraft at Transavia, 5 percent of flights in April and May are changed or canceled. The company does not want to mention numbers, but according to de Volkskrant 50,000 passengers will be affected. The airline certainly cannot have six aircraft from its fleet until May.

Four aircraft have to be grounded because of problems with paperwork. There is no safety certification for the aircraft, which Transavia leases from the Romanian airline Blue Air. Two aircraft are undergoing major maintenance and the mechanics are waiting for parts from aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

Right to compensation

According to Transavia, the flights can be rebooked in most cases (85%), so in the other cases they have been cancelled. It is estimated that 42,500 and 7,500 passengers were affected respectively. They were informed on April 4.

A spokesperson says that anyone whose flight has been changed or canceled can count on a full refund if needed. Based on European rules, travelers whose flight is changed or canceled within two weeks before departure are also entitled to extra compensation. They must apply for this themselves. Travelers who fall outside this period are not entitled to this.

It is not yet clear when Transavia’s fleet will be complete again. We hope that this will be the case as soon as possible, but we cannot give any guarantees.

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