Shooter Zwijndrecht still without a trace, police suspect ‘network of helpers’

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Emergency services at the parking lot in Zwijndrecht
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The police have asked for information in Opsporing Requested about Minh Nghia Vuong, the man who shot two women near a shopping center in Zwijndrecht last month. The detective suspects that he is staying in the Rotterdam area and has gathered “a kind of network of helpers” around him.

A 66-year-old woman was killed in the incident in Zwijndrecht. Her daughter, 38-year-old ex-partner of Minh Nghia Vuong, was seriously injured. Her family said in a statement today that she is now out of danger.

“We are still looking for him with a large team, we are looking at his tracks and his contacts,” a spokesman said in the broadcast. “We assume that he had help and was therefore able to get away from Zwijndrecht so quickly. But also that he is still receiving help, and thus manages to stay out of the hands of the police.”

At the end of January, the police searched a house in Rotterdam in this case, but that yielded nothing. The Public Prosecution Service has offered a reward of 30,000 euros for the golden tip that leads to Minh Nghia Vuong.

  • House searched due to Zwijndrecht shooting, suspect not found
  • Shot woman Zwijndrecht (38) still in mortal danger
  • Reward of 30,000 euros for golden tip murder Zwijndrecht
  • Interior

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