Sheltered employment services are campaigning for ten percent more wages: ‘we are not less’ It is the start of a series of relay actions that should culminate in a national day of action on June 7.

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Work stoppage this afternoon at work training company Orionis in Vlissingen

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At the work-learning company Orionis in Vlissingen, almost all 150 employees took action for a short time this afternoon. They demand a wage increase of 10 percent and an increase in the travel allowance from 10 to 21 cents per kilometer.

“I do the same as Piet, why does he get 14 euros and I don’t?” is written on one of the protest signs. “I have no money to travel to work,” reads another sign. The action in Zeeland is the start of a series of relay events in sheltered employment. On 7 June there will be a national action day in The Hague.

“Municipal officials have received more pay from the VNG. This of course stings, no matter how bad it is for these officials,” says Floor Provoost of the FNV at Omroep Zeeland. “We believe that people working in social work companies also earn more and are not less.”

The trade union leader refers to the collective agreement that was concluded in February between the trade unions and the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG). Municipal employees received a structural wage increase of 240 euros per month, plus an increase of 2 percent. FNV negotiator Marieke Manschot then said: “At the bottom of the lowest scale, this means almost a 13 percent wage increase and then descending to the highest scales. All in all, an average wage increase of 9 percent for all employees.”

Growing sympathy

There does not seem to be a similar wage increase for sheltered employment. There is a “growing sympathy” for social work, says Provoost, also due to earlier actions this year in Amsterdam and Friesland. But when it comes to money, the VNG as employer refers to minister Carola Schouten (poverty policy). According to the FNV director, the minister in turn refers back to the VNG and the minister of Finance.

If it is up to Provoost, the action in Vlissingen will be followed this week by a strike at apprenticeship company Betho in Goes. The management there says it supports the wage demand, but has announced that the FNV is not welcome this week because it is ‘too short notice’.

“Very unfortunate,” says Provoost. “The support they express therefore does not feel sincere to me. I have therefore approached them again and hopefully we are still welcome. But one thing is certain, we will not skip De Betho. So sooner or later we will also be there for the door.”

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