Shell and ExxonMobil accept report, no clarity on consequences

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Shell and ExxonMobil, which both own half of the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) , see the parliamentary inquiry into gas extraction in Groningen as “an important milestone”, but have not yet commented on how the report will affect the economy. the companies themselves. The highly critical report shows that the interests of Groningen residents were systematically ignored during gas extraction. Making money took precedence over safety.

The NAM itself says it realizes that “we as a company have played an important role” in causing the crisis to arise due to gas extraction in Groningen. “We had already come to that insight, but this report has once again placed it penetratingly on our retina.”

The company does not specifically address the recommendation in the report that the company should drop its claim on the gas that is still in the Groningen soil. Atema says he hopes that the work of the committee will lead to measures that will improve the situation for the people of Groningen. “We will certainly want to make our contribution where possible.”

‘Didn’t listen well’

The president-director of Shell Marjan van Loon expresses appreciation for the work done by the committee. She says that Groningen has been shortchanged: “It is good that the committee of inquiry has focused on the people of Groningen. The people of Groningen bore a large part of the burden of gas extraction and only saw a small part of the benefits.”

Van Loon also acknowledges that Shell and the Gasgebouw Parties (the collaboration between the national government, Shell and ExxonMobil) did not listen carefully to the people in Groningen when they expressed their concerns about the safety risks of gas extraction.

‘It can and must be better’

“For decades, too little has been invested in the liveability and economy of the North. As a company, we have important lessons to learn here. Looking to the future, we believe that things can and must be done better. We are talking to the government about a way to find ways to implement it.”

A spokesman for the oil and gas company ExxonMobil hopes that the report will bring clarity to Groningen and its inhabitants. “This is an important milestone to record the history of Groningen gas production, the earthquakes, the response to the quakes and the impact on the region. It is expected to provide more insight into the roles and responsibilities of those involved are at the Gas Building,” says ExxonMobil.

The company will “study thoroughly” the report.

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