Shed of laughing gas trader Bilthoven found during inspection

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De Bilt – In a warehouse on the Hessenweg in De Bilt, the home of a nitrous oxide dealer was probably found on Wednesday. This is the result of an integrated inspection by the municipality, the police, the environmental service, the fire brigade and Stedin.

Eight locations were visited in a check against possible subversive crime. The police seized at least twenty nitrous oxide cylinders in the shed. A vehicle, which was probably used for the transport of this trade, was also seized.

Other observations

During the inspection, violations of the fire safety requirements were found in a number of buildings. In addition, two buildings were illegally occupied. Because this is in conflict with the zoning plan, the municipality will investigate this further and an enforcement process will follow.


According to team chief Kim Philipoom of base team BES (De Bilt, Eemdal and Soest), this integrated action shows that no one can get away with this kind of undermining activity. “We are sending a clear signal to the residents of the municipality. We do not tolerate these kinds of dangerous situations and criminal activities. The safety of the residents is our top priority.”

More effective through an integrated approach

According to Philipoom, the integrated action also shows that the police, municipality, environmental service (ODRU), fire brigade (VRU) are one government that can each handle these types of matters more effectively based on their own expertise and powers. “Together we tackle these kinds of abuses. The municipality has the authority to close the building and we will take it under criminal law.”

Laughing gas prohibited

The municipality of De Bilt has closed the building in connection with the possession and sale of narcotics. This power is described in Article 13B of the Opium Act. “The use of laughing gas is hazardous to health and has been included as a prohibited substance in the Opium Act since January 1, 2023,” said the team leader of the BES basic team.

Report Crime Anonymously

Mayor Potters indicates that a number of buildings have been visited in response to Reports to Meld Misdaad Anoniem. “Undermining activities make the living environment less pleasant and this affects our residents. In addition, it often leads to false competition for our bona fide entrepreneurs who do earn their money nicely. I am very pleased with the cooperation of the parties involved in this inspection and call on our residents to report a ‘bad feeling’.”

Will you help?

Criminal activities often take place secretly. Signals from the environment are therefore very important. Report suspicious situations to the police via 0900-8844 or via Crime Anonymous 0800-7000. You can also report online via the Meld Misdaad Anoniem website. Anonymity is always central to Meld Misdaad Anoniem. In this way we jointly contribute to safety in our own environment and we help each other to tackle crime.

Call the police


Respond online

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