Several suspects arrested after drug lab explosion

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Herveld – On Monday, February 12, the police received a report of an explosion in a shed on Merkenhorststraat. On site, it turned out that there was a drug lab in the shed. A total of eight suspects have been arrested for possible involvement.

Shortly after the explosion, one of the suspects left in a car and drove away. Based on investigation information, this person was spotted by colleagues from the Central Netherlands unit and arrested after a short chase on the Papendorpseweg near the A12. This person was taken to hospital with injuries. The car was checked on site.

The other seven suspects were found on the premises where the drug lab is also located. The role of all arrested suspects is being investigated. The investigation into the drug lab is in full swing. People who have seen or heard something can report it via 0900 8844 or via Report Crime anonymously on 0800 – 7000.

How do you recognize a drug lab?

  • A drug lab is located in a location that does not stand out in the environment and is often well shielded with shuttered windows and doors.
  • Drug labs often have large access doors through which vans can drive in. This way you don’t see jerry cans or barrels being loaded and unloaded.
  • Sometimes there are cameras, alarm systems, dogs or booby traps.
  • Inside it is often messy and unclear.
  • There is running water and electricity.
  • There are all kinds of equipment and materials: glassware, weighing equipment, mixing vats, jerry cans and barrels with chemicals, centrifuges, tableting machines, freezer chests, pressure vessels, vacuum pumps and gas bottles.

What should you do if you discover a drug lab?

Always get yourself to safety first. Don’t assume you’re safe if you don’t smell a chemical odor. There is always a risk of toxic substances, an explosion or fire. Call the police at a safe distance from the lab on 112. Or call Report Crime Anonymous via 0800 – 7000.

If the situation is safe, make a note of details, such as: license plates, cars, descriptions and notable activities.

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