Several millions in Red Cross giro for emergency aid to Morocco 6:43 PM Abroad The Red Cross has so far raised 6.2 million euros for Morocco. The Refugee Foundation received 200,000 euros for Libya.

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A resident of Imi n’Talat, one of the affected places in Morocco
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The Red Cross has so far raised 6.2 million euros for the victims of the major earthquake in Morocco. The money will be used for emergency aid in the affected areas.

According to the aid organization, “trucks with emergency aid supplies” are constantly leaving from the cities of Agadir and Marrakesh to remote villages. The residents receive blankets, mattresses, tents, clothing and food.

According to the Red Cross, more and more remote villages are being reached, but reaching some villages remains difficult. With colder and wetter weather approaching, time is running out to arrange safe shelter for everyone, the aid organization says. The coming autumn weather could “lead to dangerous situations, especially in the mountains”.

Aid workers from the Moroccan Red Crescent reach some villages by motorbike or pack mule. For example, the affected village of Tajgalt is located at an altitude of 2,100 meters in the Atlas Mountains, making it difficult to reach.

105 million euros needed

Last week, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent said that 105 million euros are needed for emergency aid to the residents of the earthquake zone in Morocco. That money is intended for water, shelter and health care.

Rescue teams from Spain, Qatar, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates have been allowed into Morocco to search for survivors. Other countries have also offered help, but the government only accepts it sparingly.

Last week, a Dutch rescue team with search dogs left for Morocco on their own. Chairman Esther van Neerbos says that the team has been ready to leave for some time, but that no official request has been received.

200,000 euros for Libya

The Refugee Foundation has so far raised 200,000 euros for the victims of the floods in Libya due to Storm Daniel. The foundation previously reported that a quarter of a million euros immediately became available for emergency aid in the North African country.

The money goes to organizations that the Refugee Foundation works with in Libya and that provide emergency aid. For example, they provide drinking water, food and shelter. According to the Refugee Foundation, a total of 70 million euros is needed. A spokesperson tells the ANP that temporary shelters are mainly needed, but also clean drinking water.

Yesterday it became clear that around nine hundred buildings have collapsed in the port city of Derna, the epicenter of the disaster.

The political division in Libya (two rival governments) makes aid delivery difficult. According to the spokesperson, the Libyan government is now allowing aid from foreign aid organizations. Several EU countries have provided assistance to Libya. The Netherlands wants to send a team of IT professionals, logistics experts and surveyors.

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