Seidl wants to be able to attract drivers and fans: ‘Sauber must be desired’

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Sauber must become a ‘desired’ team, says CEO Andreas Seidl at For now, they are still working with Alfa Romeo, but they plan to return completely to the Sauber name from 2024. Seidl wants to raise the level of competitiveness on the track, thereby attracting drivers, staff, sponsors and fans.

Alfa Romeo will appear in Formula 1 together with Sauber for one more year, after which the partnership will end in 2024, leaving Sauber to continue alone. In a Q&A with CEO Andrea Seidl, he indicates that the main goal is to ‘continue to grow, in the short, medium and long term.’ In addition, Seidl wants to become a ‘desired’ team, where people want to be, such as drivers, staff and partners.’

Sauber is aiming for a partnership with Audi to achieve this goal. “It is significant that Audi wants to work with us,” says the German. ‘In addition, the cooperation will provide stability and a clear goal.’ Furthermore, the CEO speaks of a promising future, and that they are now mainly focusing on the coming year and the cooperation with Alfa Romeo, and also the cooperation of the next three years with Ferrari.

Seidl believes he sees a promising future for Sauber

According to Seidl, it is mainly about building up to 2026. For this, he has enlisted the help of director Alessandro Alunni Bravi, who, together with Seidl, will have to ensure that Sauber is a team that must be taken into account in the F1 world from 2026 . The CEO is confident in the team he now has around him, and “will give them everything they need.”

Furthermore, Seidl’s focus is more on the factory itself, because according to him that is where the foundations of success lie in Formula 1. “I am now taking my time to get to know as many people as possible and to build relationships,” says the German. ‘I want to know how the team works, I want to discover the strengths and weaknesses, and build a strong and good team from there.’

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