‘Security rules in five prisons tightened after Faissal Taghi’s arrest’

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'Security rules in five prisons tightened after Faissal Taghi's arrest'

Security measures have been tightened in at least five prisons following the arrest of Ridouan Taghi’s eldest son in Dubai. It is the first time that penitentiaries have simultaneously tightened the rules for different detainees. That’s what Het Parool writes.

On Monday it was announced that 22-year-old Faissal Taghi was arrested by the police in Dubai in early August. The arrest took place at the request of the Netherlands. Faissal Taghi is suspected by the police and the Public Prosecution Service of continuing his father’s criminal activities from Dubai.

GVM status increased

Het Parool writes that security measures have been increased in at least five prisons in the Netherlands in the past week. The so-called GVM status (detainees with a flight and/or social risk) has been increased for detainees who are included in the network around Ridouan Taghi.

More rules

According to Het Parool, a report from the National Police Unit states that the arrest of Faissal Taghi could ‘probably’ cause unrest among some prisoners. As a result, detainees are monitored more closely, are allowed to leave their cells less often, make fewer calls and receive fewer visitors.

Extradition request

Taghi’s eldest son is currently stuck in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has processed a Dutch extradition request after his arrest. Since August 1, the Netherlands has had treaties with the UAE for mutual legal assistance in criminal matters and extradition. The Dutch Public Prosecution Service said on Monday that it has ‘full confidence’ in the further course of the extradition procedure.

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