Secondary schools are getting a new curriculum about February Strike

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The statue of the Dokwerker where the February strike is commemorated every year

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The February Strike Commemoration Committee has created a new teaching program to teach secondary school students more about the February Strike of February 25, 1941. Saturday marks the 82nd anniversary of the strike in Amsterdam.

This week the teaching program about the February Strike will be tested at a few secondary schools in Amsterdam. The intention is that the lessons will be available for all Dutch schools next week. From the third grade, students can then receive an explanation about this period in Amsterdam.

We sometimes forget to put ourselves in someone else’s place and show empathy. This way you are still working on it.

Jaïr Stranders, inventor of the teaching package

One of the schools where the teaching package is being tested is the Cartesius Lyceum in Amsterdam-West. Most students knew that ‘the February strike had something to do with the war’, but that was all.

In the lessons, the stories of six involved characters are told, including participants in the strike, but also the account of an NSB member. The aim is for the students to get to know the different perspectives.

“We let them experience what it was like to be involved in those strikes,” says creator Jaïr Stranders. “We sometimes forget to put ourselves in someone else’s place and show empathy, in this way you are still working on it,” he says to Omroep NH.

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