Second Dutch plane with evacuees departed from Sudan 16:47 abroad It is not clear how many people are on board. More flights are planned to be operated today.

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Evacuees from Sudan board a French Air Force plane, Sunday, April 23
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A second Dutch evacuation flight has departed from Sudan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports. The plane is en route to Aqaba in Jordan.

The ministry cannot say how many people are on board the plane. More flights are planned to be operated today.

In Jordan, the evacuees are received by a ministry support team and examined by a Defense medical team.

French Air Force

Last night the first Dutch plane departed from Sudan. There were 32 evacuees on board, including fifteen Dutchmen. A few dozen Dutch people have previously been brought to Jordan by German evacuation flights and last night, thanks to the French air force, “a handful” of Dutch people arrived in Djibouti, east of Sudan.

These are images of the first evacuation flight:

This is how the evacuation of the Dutch from Sudan went

After last night’s evacuation flight, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that a total of sixty Dutch people had safely left Sudan. Tomorrow the ministry will provide a new update on the total number of people transferred.

150 Dutch people

The ministry previously reported that more than 150 Dutch citizens and embassy employees want to be evacuated. The Dutch embassy in the capital Khartoum is closed, the work will be continued from another location.

Some Dutch people in Sudan do not want to leave, for example because they do not want to leave family behind. Others cannot get to the airport. Another factor is that the evacuation is not without risks. The army and RSF paramilitary units have been fighting each other in Sudan for over a week now. At least 400 civilians have been killed so far.

‘Catastrophic conflagration’

UN Secretary-General António Guterres warns that the violence in Sudan could turn into a “catastrophic conflagration” that could spread to the entire region and beyond. “We must do everything we can to pull Sudan from the brink of collapse,” he told the 15 members of the UN Security Council.

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