Seaport police arrest two recruiters

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Nieuwdorp – This week the Seaport Police arrested two men aged 20 and 22 from the municipality of Vlissingen because they had tried to obtain company information for payment.

The Seaport Police started an investigation after information was received that the men attempted to obtain company information that is important for the import of cocaine through the port of Vlissingen. Both men were arrested and transferred to Torentijd for further investigation. After investigation, both men were released. Despite their deportation, they remain regarded as suspects.

Help from within

Criminal organizations often need help from ‘within’ to smuggle cocaine into the Netherlands via the seaports. They try to corrupt dock workers but also government employees by, for example, offering them high amounts of money or putting them under pressure. The Seaport Police is investigating whether this was also the case in this case.

Information about recruitment practices?

The Seaport Police suspects that more information is known about recruitment practices among port employees or in their environment. Tackling this form of crime has a high priority for the police. If you have information about this, the police would be happy to receive it. This can be done by calling 0900 – 8844. You can also report reports anonymously via Report Crime Anonymous (0800 – 7000) or via the Criminal Intelligence Team (call 0900-8844 and ask for the Criminal Intelligence Team).

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