Scottish athlete takes car during ultramarathon and is disqualified

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Joasia Zakrzewski during an ultramarathon in Norway
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A Scottish ultramarathon runner has been disqualified after a race between Manchester and Liverpool because it turned out that she had covered part of the route by car.

47-year-old Joasia Zakrzewski is a well-known name in the world of ultramarathons, races that cover a longer distance than the usual 42 kilometers and 195 meters. She finished third in the annual GB Ultras Manchester to Liverpool Race, over 50 miles.

But, according to the BBC, after examining GPS data by the race management, it became clear that something was not right. On a part of the course, of about four kilometers, she turned out to have recorded a speed of more than 56 kilometers per hour.

The race management concluded that Zakrzewski must have used a vehicle and decided to disqualify her.

I hope there is an innocent explanation for this incident.

David Ovens, President of the Scottish Athletics Federation

Zakrzewski, from Dumfries, Scotland, has not commented himself, but said through a friend that he was “very sorry”. According to the friend, she had arrived from Australia a day before the race after a long journey and felt tired and nauseous during the race.

The chairman of the Scottish Athletics Federation, David Ovens, says he is very disappointed in Zakrzewski. “Especially because she has had such a good period. I hope there is an innocent explanation for this incident and that she can continue her successful career.

World record

Zakrzewski won one silver and two bronze during her career during the World Championship ultramarathon over 100 kilometers. In February, she set a new world record in the ultramarathon in Taiwan, where athletes must run as far as possible in 48 hours. The Scottish came to a distance of more than 411 kilometers.

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