Schumacher’s former teammate has no doubts: ‘Verstappen is better than Schumacher, Max can do that’

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Schumacher's former teammate has no doubts: 'Verstappen is better than Schumacher, Max can do that'

As Michael Schumacher’s teammate, Johnny Herbert saw up close how the German worked, but the Brit believes that Max Verstappen is at an even higher level. The former Formula 1 driver also immediately explains why,

Herbert himself drove in Formula 1 for twelve years. After starting for Benetton in 1989, he successively competed for Tyrrell, Lotus, Ligier, Benetton again, and Sauber, ending his career in Milton Keynes, first with Stewart , and in 2000 at Jaguar, which was later taken over by Red Bull.

‘People say that Red Bull Racing has the best car, and that is true,’ says Herbert, ‘but Verstappen knows how to squeeze everything out of it. He performs at such an incredibly high level, and he makes the difference himself. Drivers like Max, Lewis Hamilton, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, and Fernando Alonso make the difference. These are those beastly good drivers who can get the most out of it every time they get in the car,” says the 59-year-old analyst at Inclave Casino.

Verstappen better than Schumacher

Herbert even believes that Verstappen, who is now only 26 years old, has not yet reached his peak. ‘Sergio Pérez is not a bad driver, but he doesn’t come close to Max. He’s driving better than ever before, and we haven’t seen the best of him yet,” the Brit predicts. “Yes, Verstappen is better than Schumacher,” confirms Herbert, who was the record champion’s teammate at Benetton at the end of 1994 and during 1995.

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In his Benetton years, Schumacher rarely stood on the podium with a teammate.
Michael Schumacher on the podium for Benetton, with Damon Hill and Jean Alesi at his side.

Verstappen is developing extra senses with the help of modern technology, according to the three-time Grand Prix winner. ‘That has to do with human development and evolution. When Michael came near simulators, he always felt a bit nauseous,” Herbert points out a problem that Schumacher encountered especially after his comeback.

‘Verstappen practically lives in a Red Bull simulator. He races in simulators all the time,” Herbert said. ‘That is a sixth or seventh sense that these drivers develop. As a result, you have constant evolution. It’s all about how you use those tools when you get in the car. At the time, Schumacher was unable to translate the data from the simulator to the real cars. Max can do that.’

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