School evacuated due to stunt with chlorine tablets in Duiven The school management wants to make a complaint.

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The 800 students had to wait outside

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A secondary school in Duiven was evacuated this morning after a bottle containing chlorine tablets exploded in the building. The 800 students were allowed to return to their classrooms after more than an hour.

The bottle of chlorine tablets was left in the boys’ toilet. “The bottle then exploded, releasing a huge cloud of chlorine. You could smell it everywhere in the building,” rector Léon Lucas told Omroep Gelderland.

According to the rector, this is a stunt that was doing the rounds on TikTok. “Those chlorine tablets are available everywhere, because they are used, for example, to keep swimming pools clean. There was also a similar stunt here on Thursday. But that was late in the afternoon, when the school was already empty. We didn’t have to evacuate then .”

The school management speaks of an action that “goes far beyond everything that is acceptable”. Lucas: “This is really going too far and is extremely annoying.” The school says it will file a complaint.

Students waited outside for more than an hour while firefighters checked the school. Chlorine in large quantities can lead to respiratory complaints.

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