Schiphol wants no fewer than 460,000 flights and does not rule out growth

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Crowds at Schiphol, during the Ascension weekend of 2022
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Schiphol does not want the number of flights to shrink further than 460,000 per year. The airport also does not rule out new growth, according to a letter to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

In June last year, Minister Harbers (Infrastructure and Water Management) announced that she would reduce the number of flight movements for Schiphol from 500,000 to 440,000 in order to limit noise nuisance and the emission of harmful substances. In the meantime, the ministry wants to develop new standards for nuisance.

In the end, the cabinet agreed to a “necessary intermediate step” of 460,000 movements, according to Schiphol. But according to Schiphol, the agreements still create too much uncertainty.

Nuisance and nuisance

In addition, the airport believes that the cabinet should come up with a regulation more quickly that does not focus on maximum numbers, but on nuisance and emissions. “In that case, it is not the number of flights that is decisive, but the nuisance and nuisance caused by the flights,” says interim Schiphol boss Ruud Sondag in de Volkskrant.

“So quieter and cleaner aviation predominates in this. That is also an incentive for the companies to renew their fleet,” says Sondag. According to Schiphol, the airport should be rewarded if they stay within the standards in that way.

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