Saturday, September 9: climate demonstration during the Avenue of Reagan and Gorbachev

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The Hague – Today, September 9, the police are present at several locations in the city to ensure that a permitted climate demonstration and blockade of the A12 runs smoothly. Demonstrating is allowed, but only where this is permitted by the municipality of The Hague. This blog provides an overview of the developments.

2.25 pm: A large number of activists have not responded to the demand to leave the A12. Those who do not comply will be arrested.

1.56 pm: We see many questions/comments on social media about the use of the water thrower in the blockade action on the A12. A water thrower is one of the means to disperse large groups of people in the event of a disturbance of public order. It can spray a large jet of water with force over a longer distance and is not life-threatening at a shorter distance. The water thrower can also be used with less pressure to spray people. The water thrower is mainly used when there are large groups of people who disrupt public order and do not obey police orders. The mayor of the municipality where the deployment takes place must give permission for this. We temporarily use Belgian or German water launchers because our water launchers are being replaced more quickly due to technical problems. Our approach is always focused on de-escalation. Obviously, that approach can differ. Protesters who want to make their point with heavy equipment such as agricultural vehicles and trucks and thereby break the law require a different approach than activists who block a road by gluing themselves to the road surface or conducting a sitdown action.

1:30 PM: The water thrower is deployed. We continue to refer activists to the permitted demonstration location.

1.10pm: Campaigners have been asked to leave the road. The water thrower is used for activists who refuse to leave. People should prepare for large amounts of water. Vulnerable people are urged to preventively remove themselves from the A12.

12.45 pm: Blocking the A12/Utrechtsebaan is prohibited. The mayor has given permission to open the highway for traffic. Activists are ordered by the police to leave and join the announced demonstration.

12.10 pm: We speak to activists at the blockade of the A12 and refer them to the permitted demonstration location at Laan van Reagan and Gorbachev.

12.00 noon: Traffic to and from The Hague must take into account delays due to XR’s action. Follow the instructions on the signs above the highway and those of our traffic controllers.

11.55 am: Activists have entered the A12/Utrechtsebaan. This blockage is not allowed. Instead, activists can join the planned climate demonstration on the Avenue of Reagan and Gorbachev.

11.45 am: We are present to manage the announced blockade action by climate activists on the A12 and to facilitate the announced demonstration at the Laan van Reagan and Gorbachev. Demonstrating is allowed, but only where this is permitted by the municipality of The Hague. Follow our instructions. Knowing more? Check out:…

11.30 am: In addition to our live blog, you can stay informed about the climate demonstrations and the blockade of the A12 via the live blog of the municipality of The Hague. Follow the live blog of the municipality of The Hague here: .

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