‘Satudarah leaders again arrested for large-scale drug trade’

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A jacket from Satudarah

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Justice seems to have reopened the hunt for the top of the banned motorcycle club Satudarah and ex-members from Enschede. At least four former members have now been detained, RTV Oost reports on the basis of its own investigation.

The national top of Satudarah was sentenced to long prison sentences at the end of 2021 for leading a criminal organization. Because they had appealed, they could await that trial in freedom. Now part of that group is stuck again.

Last week, the regional broadcaster reported that one of the founders and frontman of Satudarah had been arrested for large-scale drug trafficking. Now it appears that the police have also arrested at least two fellow board members and a former leader. The Public Prosecution Service confirms the arrests to Omroep Brabant, but does not want to share any further details.

Encrypted messages

Two ex-club members from Enschede are also detained in the drug investigation codenamed 26March. Two fellow citizens who would belong to a former gang are still being sought, according to the regional broadcaster. The investigation started last August when a tip showed that the members continued to trade drugs despite a recent conviction.

Some of the suspects who are now in custody were arrested on February 3 after the judiciary had been able to read encrypted messages sent via Exclu Messenger for months.

Yesterday a man from Enschede and someone from Overdinkel were arrested who are linked to the same group of men. According to the judiciary, the men were involved in the weed trade, but the two were released the same day.

  • Leaders Satudarah sentenced to years of imprisonment
  • Supreme Court upholds ban on motorcycle club Satudarah
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