‘Satudarah leader Michel B. suspected of smuggling thousands of kilos of coke’

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One of the founders of Satudarah, Michel B. from Enschede, and several co-defendants from the same city are suspected of smuggling thousands of kilos of cocaine from Brazil. That writes RTV East. On Wednesday, the court in Den Bosch decided that B. will be detained for three months longer.

In addition to Michel B. (58) and the other suspects from Enschede, at least three other Satudarah leaders are suspected in the case. These include President Angelo M. (46) from Tilburg and treasurer Redouan I. (46) from Tilburg.

Cocaine shipments

According to RTV Oost, the suspects would have had at least two cocaine transports totaling thousands of kilograms from Brazil. They are also suspected of trafficking synthetic drugs, including amphetamine, ecstasy and crystal meth. Michel B. reportedly has good connections in Brazil where he lived for a while.


The new investigation of the national criminal investigation into Satudarah started last August when the Criminal Intelligence Team (TCI) received a tip from the police that the national top of Satudarah has continued with large-scale drug trafficking. Last autumn, a large team of detectives made a blow through information from the chat service Exclu, which had been hacked by the police, which allowed the detectives to read along with the users for some time.


At the beginning of February, the police arrested a large number of suspects in an investigation that focused on arms and drug trafficking. There were people from the R. family from Oss and also members of Satudarah. At least one Satudarah member from Enschede is still on the run. Two other suspects reported themselves.

A first preparatory court hearing will take place in May at the court in Den Bosch.

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