Samsung unveils Galaxy S24 series with far-reaching AI options

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Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones

Samsung announced its new smartphone series Galaxy S24 today in San Jose. The smartphones come in threes: S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra, with the Ultra being the most luxurious device. However, that is not the only thing: the telephone giant also ushered in the ‘age of AI’. More precisely Galaxy AI, because many tricks related to artificial intelligence can be found on its S24.

S24 Galaxy Ultra

We’ve seen a lot of AI in 2023. ChatGPT can help you brainstorm and answer just about any question you have. But more and more companies are also doing something with it. AI in televisions provides an improved image because it fills in the ’empty’ pixels and it can even detect certain diseases earlier, such as Diabetes, based solely on someone’s voice. Artificial intelligence is very special and that is why it is highly valued when it comes to the new Samsung device.

For example, with the S24 you can have a telephone conversation with your Thai taxi driver. You in English, she in Thai. The AI ​​tells you live what that person says, but quickly translates it into English and vice versa. It’s technology you used to see in Star Trek, but is now a reality. For executive assistants, it’s nice to know that it can also create transcripts while keeping track of who says what. That means taking minutes
(or a full transcript) also a lot easier.

AI can also check a message for tone. For example, if you enter a message in the messaging app such as: ‘Is that report now finished, or are you still working on it?’, the AI ​​can give you options to also make that comment – which others sometimes find a bit harsh. gets a friendlier version. You can even turn it into a social media post. Speaking of social media: in recorded videos you can add a slow-mo effect afterwards at the moment of your choice.

Samsung smartphones

Do you have a plant in front of you, but you have no idea what type of plant it is? Then you could already search and discover which plant it is with Google Lens, but now you can also do this via Samsung’s camera app itself. Our favorite, however, is the option to erase reflections. You can then erase your own face or phone from a photo – with one press of a button – from that beautiful photo you took out of your plane window.

In addition to AI, Samsung also promises improved gaming performance, more realistic graphics (with ray tracing) and a better cooling system.

Another interesting addition is that when zooming in at night, you retain better photo quality. In addition, there is optical image stabilization for when you use the wide-angle lens and the phone can switch between lenses, so that you can alternate images during a video. Have you taken a photo or created a website with an image and do you want to quickly know what it is or where you can buy it? You just have to draw a circle around it with the S Pen or your finger and Samsung will tell you how and what.

In addition to these software options, the device is quite the same as the S23: the Ultra also has an S Pen (stylus), which you can use, among other things, to type quickly and write yourself. In terms of appearance, the S24 and S24+ are both almost identical to the S23 and S23+. The Ultra is a world of difference: the rounded edges make way for a flatter screen with sharply sloping corners. The Ultra also comes in different colors of titanium,
a nice light and smooth metal that is also very strong.

The colors of the Samsung S24 are black, gray, violet, yellow and based on the treasures of the earth. The Samsung S24 is available for a suggested retail price from 899 euros, the Samsung S24 Plus from 1149 euros and the Samsung S24 Ultra is available from 1449 euros. You can also buy one of these phones with a subscription, such as the S24 Plus with a subscription. The three
devices will be delivered from January 31.

This article was commissioned by Odido.

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