Saman Hassan appointed as new sector head of North and East Gelderland

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Apeldoorn – As of May 1, 2023, Saman Hassan has been appointed as sector head of the North and East Gelderland district. Saman comes from the Northern Netherlands unit and is therefore a new face for the Eastern Netherlands unit.

Saman (46) has been working for the police organization since 2008. In his career with the police, Saman has fulfilled various functions and roles.

‘For me, leadership is about showing empathy and offering perspective based on trust. In this case, it is about knowing your social and internal task and starting from there to move together. For this it is necessary to create a culture in which everyone can be themselves based on meaning and connection. Ultimately, it is about forming and sharing a vision together, so that we use it to inspire others and create quality.

My aim is to work together with the board from one government. It is about regaining confidence that the government is a reliable partner, for everyone, but especially for people seeking protection. Building authority and credibility as ‘first government’ is a primary task for the coming years and security will play an important role in this. For the police, this means that the social context and the needs of citizens – certainly at a local level – are leading in their work. Networking and making realistic choices in tackling insecurity and crime is the responsibility of all of us.

Police chief Janny Knol says she is happy with the arrival of Saman. ‘Thanks to his broad experience, Saman brings a fresh perspective to our unit. Nice to see how he has already started building his network in the run-up to his start with us. I have every confidence that Saman will be an asset and wish him a lot of job satisfaction.”


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