Saïd Razzouki: sixth life sentence in Marengo trial

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Saïd Razzouki: sixth life sentence in Marengo trial

The Public Prosecution Service demanded a life sentence in the Marengo trial on Friday against 50-year-old Saïd Razzouki, the alleged right-hand man of Ridouan Taghi. According to the judiciary, Razzouki is jointly responsible for three murders, the preparation of two murders and two attempted murders. Moreover, according to the Public Prosecution Service, it has been proven that he led a criminal organization.


Saïd Razzouki was present on Friday at the brief injunction and the sentence against him in the extra-security court in Amsterdam-Osdorp. In June 2022, his case had already been discussed extensively by the Public Prosecution Service in the days-long requisitorial against the other Marengo suspects. The criminal case against him was delayed because he was detained in Colombia and the Marengo trial had already started without being extradited to the Netherlands and because of a change of lawyers.

“Kind of Older Brother”

Razzouki, who was arrested in Colombia in February 2020, was, according to the judiciary, the right hand and also ‘actually a kind of older brother’ of Ridouan Taghi. He was in direct contact with Taghi about the murders to be carried out. He also collected information about the whereabouts of intended victims and gave instructions to spotters about observing the targets. In the view of the OM, Razzouki ‘directed’ the murders together with Taghi.

Weapon stock manager

Razzouki, who was extradited to the Netherlands in December 2021, is also said to have managed Taghi’s weapons stock and tested those weapons himself before the murders were committed. Said Razzouki himself has kept a safe distance from the execution of the murders for most of the time, sometimes with an alibi. He has let others run the risks, “said the Public Prosecution Service.

It is the sixth life sentence against leaders in the extensive Marengo trial. Ridouan Taghi and four co-defendants have already been demanded life imprisonment in June 2022.

‘Unscrupulous murder organisation’

Prosecutors said Friday that the Marengo investigation “shows the devastating power of the power structure behind those crimes.” The Public Prosecution Service speaks of ‘a completely unscrupulous murder organization that has killed people carelessly and indifferently’.

“In a period of just over seventeen months, six men have been murdered (some of those men having been tried before) and seven other men have been attempted. Those numbers are unbelievable. If everything had worked out, that would have been almost one fatality per month.’

Empty seats

At the start of the court hearing, the prosecutors once again paid attention to the victims of the murders. They pointed to the empty seats for the relatives, which were empty and would remain empty. There is still no surviving relative who dares to be present in the extra-secure De Bunker court.

‘There is not a single surviving relative who dares to exercise the right to speak. They will not tell you who their father, brother, son or loved one was, what he meant to them and how he is still missed,” the officers said.

Court rulings against all defendants in the Marengo trial are expected in October 2023.

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