Rutte does not yet want to respond to the damning report

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte first wants to read the report on the earthquakes in Groningen together with the cabinet. A substantive response will follow later, although it is unclear when. “I don’t think it’s appropriate to go into it now.” It is even questionable whether Rutte will respond before the provincial elections of March 15.

The committee judges the prime minister harshly: he has not done enough for the people of Groningen and has not ‘made a difference’ for them. Most of the research focuses on the period after 2012, after Rutte took office as prime minister.


Rutte thinks it is ‘disrespectful’ to the inhabitants of Groningen to respond now. It’s about 2000 pages. I don’t think it’s good to respond to that haphazardly.’ The prime minister acknowledges that his explanation will come across as ‘hollow’ to the people of Groningen. ‘They won’t approve of this, but I still ask for your understanding.’

Prime Minister Rutte does not yet want to respond substantively to the report on the earthquakes in Groningen. It is unclear when the response will come (ANP / ANP)

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“I don’t think it’s good to respond to that in a snap.”

Mark Rutte, Prime Minister

According to the committee, Rutte ‘has long underestimated the seriousness and urgency of the problem in Groningen.’ Only in 2018 did the prime minister realize how ‘bizarre’ it was that in 2013, precisely one year after a major earthquake in Huizinge, gas extraction reached a record high. But at the time he did not do what should have been expected of him, according to the committee.


Responsible State Secretary Hans Vijlbrief did respond briefly to the presentation of the survey report. He spoke of “shame.” The findings of the committee have also ‘received hard’ at Rutte, says the prime minister.

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