Rush hour drivers have the most delays in Rotterdam

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Traffic at the Maastunnel in Rotterdam (photo from 2019)
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Motorists need the most patience during rush hour in Rotterdam, Haarlem and Nijmegen. According to the annual Traffic Index of navigation provider TomTom, people commuting to work in Rotterdam are stuck for 42 hours a year. This is slightly less in Haarlem and Nijmegen, but the travel times are the longest: people there spend 118 peak hours per year in the car.

In Haarlem and Nijmegen, motorists also take the longest to cover a distance of ten kilometers during rush hour: fourteen minutes. In Almere that is eight minutes, in Utrecht nine. Other cities at the top when it comes to travel time and traffic jams are Amsterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven.

Rush hour drivers have the most delays worldwide in the Irish capital Dublin. They were detained for 145 hours last year, more than half the time they were in the car.

According to the TomTom data, London is the city with the longest travel times during rush hour: it takes motorists more than 36 minutes to travel ten kilometers during rush hour.

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