Rumor Circuit | ‘Sainz at the top of Seidl’s list for switching to Audi’

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There is a lot of speculation in Formula 1 about transfers of team bosses and drivers. Young drivers also sometimes want to be put forward as potential replacements for drivers on the current grid. At the Rumors Circuit you can read all the latest suggestions about the future of Formula 1.

Sunday, April 16: ‘Sainz at the top of Seidl’s list for switching to Audi’

Audi is currently working hard to bring a competitive team to Formula 1 before 2026. In the background we are working on gathering staff members and of course the drivers cannot be missed. According to the Swiss Blick, Carlos Sainz is at the top of Andreas Seidl’s list. The link between the Spanish driver and the German car brand is not that strange, the driver’s father has been driving for Audi for years. At the same time, German media are suggesting that Mick Schumacher should be brought to Audi in 2026.

Tuesday April 11:

Vietnam and South Africa well on track to be on F1 calendar in 2024

According to, it is possible that both Vietnam and South Africa will be on the Formula 1 calendar in 2024. The street circuit in Hanoi was already supposed to host a race in 2020, but the corona pandemic prevented that. Formula 1 has been in talks with the Kyalami circuit for a number of years about a return of the South African Grand Prix. According to some sources, Stefano Domenicali has already visited Hanoi and the government of South Africa is willing to pay the amount to bring a Grand Prix to the country.

Monday April 3:

‘Saturday in Baku marked by the sprint race with a shortened qualifying session’

Telegraaf reporter Erik van Haren has more information about which format Formula 1 wants to follow during the race weekend in Baku. It was previously known that Formula 1 wants to add a second qualifying session. Van Haren now reports that in the new format there will still be one practice and one qualifying on Friday, as we are used to on weekends with a sprint race. That Friday qualification is not for the sprint race, but for the main race on Sunday.

Saturday would then be completely devoted to the sprint race, with a separate qualification for the sprint race that will be held later in the day on Saturday morning. Nothing would be changed in the scoring, but the three qualifying parts in the sprint qualifying will be shortened compared to a normal qualifying session.

Friday March 31:

‘Formula 1 wants to add second qualifying to Azerbaijan sprint weekend’

Formula 1 is considering adding a second qualifying session to the sprint weekend in Azerbaijan, RaceFans reports, among others. Qualifying is currently held on Friday in such a weekend and determines the starting grid for the sprint race. This in turn determines the grid for Sunday, but that may now change.

For example, the proposed change is a second qualifying session to determine the starting grid for the sprint race only. The other session then sets the grid for Sunday’s race, rather than what the sprint race is currently doing. It therefore immediately means that the result of Saturday’s race has no influence on Sunday’s grid, which should provide more spectacle in the shortened race.

Saturday March 11:

“Vasseur returns to equal status drivers and prefers Leclerc”

While Ferrari team boss Fréderic Vasseur indicated before the start of the new Formula 1 season that both drivers can expect the same treatment, the Frenchman now prefers Charles Leclerc, according to According to the medium, Vasseur wants to adapt the development of the car to Leclerc’s wishes, after the Monegask was clearly the faster of the two Ferrari drivers in the opening race. In addition, it is rumored that Leclerc’s failure, to the anger of the Monegask, was not the result of a technical defect, but of human error.

Thursday March 9:

“Mercedes considers giving best engine to Aston Martin”

The Mercedes team may give its best engine to the Aston Martin team, reports During the test days, Lewis Hamilton had access to a power source that gave four more horsepower than the other engines. If Mercedes does not perform properly in the next two races, in Saudi Arabia and Australia, the engine can go to Fernando Alonso. If the German team cannot win races, then the power source will go to the team that could, in this case Aston Martin.

Thursday March 9:

“Long meeting at Mercedes: technical director is given an ultimatum”

According to the generally well-established, there is a tense atmosphere within the Mercedes team. The team has stuck to the concept that did not materialize last year and it went wrong again during the Bahrain Grand Prix. The German racing stable is now looking at a different concept. It has to bring about a significant change or it could cost the head of technical director Mike Elliott.

The pressure within the Mercedes team has therefore increased a lot in recent weeks. In the days after the Bahrain Grand Prix, the racing team therefore held a long meeting. An ultimatum was given to Elliott. It is up to the Mercedes technical director to give the project a new and improved life.

Thursday March 9:

“Ferrari continues changes: head of aerodynamics possible victim”

Ferrari may say goodbye to head of aerodynamics David Sanchez, Italian MotoriOnline reports. The Spanish aerodynamicist previously formed the technical triumvirate with Enrico Gaultieri (engine) and Enrico Cardile (chassis) led by Mattia Binotto. After the difficult start to the 2023 season, the Scuderia would already like to take steps and Sanchez may be a victim of that.

Earlier, Ferrari tackled the strategic team by having Iñaki Rueda no longer on the track, but at the factory in Maranello. Sanchez would leave the team completely, although it is not 100 percent certain whether it is a dismissal or something else. There is also talk of a step from the technician to a team ‘on the other side of the channel’. That would have to be a team in Great Britain.

“Mercedes takes veteran from the stable to change course W14”

James Allison may return to Mercedes, the Italian branch of reports. The reason for this is the disappointing speed of the W14, with which Lewis Hamilton and George Russell finished fifth and seventh in Bahrain. Allison currently works for the INEOS sailing team, a major sponsor of Mercedes, but has to help the F1 team find the right course again. Mike Elliott took over from Allison in 2021, but now appears to be seen as unsuitable.

Thursday February 2:

“Williams Gulf announcement imminent, but has been removed from website”

The latest rumor surrounding the British racing stable Williams is that they may work together with Gulf and in this way be connected to Porsche again. Gulf has terminated the contract with McLaren after two years and would therefore be interested in Williams. Recently, Gulf was briefly listed as a sponsor on the website of the British formation, but it was also quickly removed. It is not yet clear whether Gulf will actually team up with Williams and whether Porsche will also be involved.

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Friday January 27:

“In addition to RB19, Red Bull also presents a new engine supplier for 2026”

Red Bull Racing will not only present the new RB19 for the 2023 season on February 3, but also the new engine supplier for 2026. Sky Sport Deutschland reports this. In addition to the new car from Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez, the CEO of the new engine supplier for three years from now would also report on stage in New York. It remains to be seen who the new engine supplier is. It is not excluded that it is Honda.

Sunday January 15:

‘Hamilton belongs to investor group that wants to buy Manchester United’

Lewis Hamilton belongs to an investor group that would like to buy Manchester United, the Mirror reports. The seven-time F1 champion would be in a group of Sir Jim Ratcliffe, CEO of Mercedes sponsor INEOS. The intention is that they will take over the British football club from the Glazer family, who took over the club in 2005 for £ 790 million. The takeover amount of the club from former Ajax coach Erik ten Hag is now said to be eight billion pounds.

Last year, Ratcliffe and Hamilton were already linked to a takeover of London’s Chelsea FC, but that fell through. However, Hamilton is an investor in the American Football club Denver Broncos. What is striking about the fact that Hamilton was linked to Chelsea and now Manchester United is that he himself is a supporter of Arsenal, a rival of both Chelsea and Manchester United.

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