Rumor circuit | ‘Sainz and Mercedes have had first discussions’

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Rumor circuit |  'Sainz and Mercedes have had first discussions'

In Formula 1 there is a lot of speculation about transfers of team bosses and drivers. Young drivers also sometimes want to be put forward as potential replacements for drivers on the current grid. At the Rumor Circuit you can read all the latest suggestions regarding the future of Formula 1.

Wednesday March 13:

‘Sainz and Mercedes have had first discussions’

Carlos Sainz, who will have to make way for Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari at the end of 2024, seems to have set his sights on his successor’s Mercedes seat in Maranello. According to the Italian news magazine Corriere dello Sport, the Spaniard’s management is in discussions with the Mercedes leadership about a contract for 2025. Sainz is not the only driver associated with Mercedes. The names of Max Verstappen, who might want to make the switch due to the Horner riot, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Alexander Albon are also mentioned. In addition, Mercedes talent Andrea Kimi Antonelli also seems to have a chance.

Tuesday March 12:

‘Ferrari is targeting Newey and three other Red Bull leaders’

Ferrari is not sitting still and is reportedly trying to entice a number of Red Bull Racing leaders to move to Maranello. Top designer Adrian Newey would be on Ferrari’s list, according to Formula Uno Analisi Tecnica, among others, but Newey would not be the only target of the iconic racing team. According to the Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Italians would also target David Morgan, the On-Track Aerodynamic Development Manager, Ben Waterhouse, Head of Performance, and Alessandro Germani, head of Aerodynamic Development.

Monday March 4:

‘Marko clause makes Verstappen’s switch to Mercedes possible in the short term’

The rumors about a possible switch from Max Verstappen to Mercedes are still going around, and according to De Telegraaf a possible switch would be even closer than we think. A so-called Marko clause would make this possible: if advisor Helmut Marko leaves Red Bull Racing, Verstappen has the freedom to make a switch himself. F1-Insider and Bild previously indicated that this would be the case, although Raymond Vermeulen, Verstappen’s manager, does not want to respond to the message.

Monday March 4:

‘Red Bull may come with a major upgrade to the RB20 in Imola’

Red Bull may come with a major upgrade to the RB20 in Imola, reports Auto, Motor und Sport. It is still unclear what kind of upgrade this concerns. Helmut Marko admitted after the race in Bahrain: ‘We are still in the learning phase with the new car. The fact that we can already celebrate such a success should worry our opponents a little.” On the rumors that Red Bull would come up with a major upgrade in the first European race, Marko said with a grin: “We’ll see.”

‘Verstappen most wanted candidate for seat at Mercedes’

Max Verstappen would be the most sought-after candidate to take over the seat at Mercedes, reports Auto, Motor und Sport. The Red Bull driver should therefore replace the departing Lewis Hamilton. Helmut Marko would fear that all the unrest within Red Bull could cause Verstappen to be chased away. The position of star designer Adrian Newey and future engine partner Ford would also become increasingly uncertain for Marko. Team boss Christian Horner would believe that it can also be done without his key figures.

Sunday March 3:

‘Jos Verstappen speaks with Wolff, now that Mercedes has a spot available’

According to the Italian Corriere della Sera, Wolff has his eyes on Max Verstappen, and the Austrian is starting a charm offensive through Jos Verstappen. Although the previously good relationship between Verstappen senior and Wolff was significantly damaged during the 2021 season, several factors play a role in the latest developments: firstly, Lewis Hamilton is leaving after 2024, which could alleviate a major conflict for the Verstappens, and also the Unrest about Christian Horner would not have gone down well with dad Verstappen. Jos Verstappen previously said that ‘it cannot continue like this’.

“Jos’s opinion is clear: replace Horner,” the Italian newspaper said. ‘Jos has already had discussions with Toto Wolff, Wolff’s arch rival, in the paddock. This is also happening in front of the cameras, now that Mercedes has a spot available for 2025, as Hamilton has already signed with Ferrari. In the past the relationship between Horner and Jos Verstappen was good, but then disagreements arose about the vision of the team.’ Wolff has praised Max Verstappen extensively several times, including after the race.

Monday February 12:

‘Ferrari has Red Bull’s technical director in mind’

Ferrari is working in the background to bring Pierre Waché, the technical director of Red Bull Racing, to Maranello, reports La Gazzetta dello Sport. The Italian racing team has already made a big move by signing Lewis Hamilton for 2025, but Ferrari is not ready yet. The newspaper reports that the team already made an attempt last year, but that Waché refused. However, the engineer is now not reluctant to consider a switch. If the new attempt turns out to be unsuccessful, Enrico Balbo is also on the list. He currently holds the role of head of aerodynamics at Red Bull.

Saturday February 3:

‘Hamilton’s Ferrari deal could reach value of 400 million’

After Lewis Hamilton signed Ferrari’s paperwork on February 1, the rumor mill is running at full speed regarding the salary of the seven-time world champion. According to, it appears that it is a contract worth eighty million euros per year, and later Hamilton’s projects off the track will also be supported by Ferrari. CEO John Elkann is said to have agreed to an investment of 250 million euros in Hamilton’s future projects, making his total deal with Ferrari worth around 400 million euros.

Thursday February 1:

‘Ferrari wants to do everything it can to bring Hamilton to Maranello before 2025’

Frédéric Vasseur had indicated that he wanted to give both drivers certainty before the 2024 season starts. Charles Leclerc has earned his contract extension, but there are obstacles in the talks with Carlos Sainz. However, this is not due to the Spaniard’s demands, but to the fact that Vasseur and John Elkann, CEO of Ferrari, want to do everything they can to bring Lewis Hamilton to Maranello, reports The Brit has often been linked to Ferrari, but he has never been close to a switch.

Last year, the seven-time world champion also extended his contract with Mercedes, but that does not seem to be a problem for Ferrari. The Mercedes driver has signed a one-year contract with an option for another season. It should then be possible for Hamilton to drive for Ferrari in 2025. Given the previous rumors, it remains to be seen whether a switch can happen. Will Buxton has indicated that sensational news is coming. It is unclear whether this has anything to do with this situation.

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