Rotterdam house hit again by explosion

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Major damage to the apartment in the Rembrandtstraat

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In Rotterdam-Noord there was an explosion last night at an apartment house on Rembrandtstraat. No one was injured.

Photos show that the explosion has caused a lot of damage: the facade on the balcony is completely gone and windows have been broken.

A month ago there was an explosion at the same house. Even then, no one was injured. Two suspects have been arrested for the attack.

According to regional broadcaster Rijnmond, the affected apartment belongs to a 29-year-old man who is wanted for a fatal stabbing in Morocco last summer. Another Rotterdammer was killed in the stabbing in the seaside resort of Al Hoceima.

Second explosion tonight

Later in the night there was another explosion at a house in Rotterdam. An explosive went off on Urkersingel, about 7 kilometers south of Rembrandtstraat.

No one was injured, though according to the police several windows broken.

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