Robbery of exclusive watch PC Hooftstraat

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Amsterdam – Tuesday evening, February 14, three suspects robbed a man of his exclusive watch in the PC Hooftstraat. The man was not injured in this.

At around 6:35 pm, the man drives his car through the PC Hooftstraat towards the Van Baerlestraat. Because the traffic light of the intersection is red, the man has to stop. He then hears a loud bang and sees that his left wing mirror is crooked and broken. He also sees someone standing in front of his car with his hand on his side, as if he was injured. The driver gets out of his car to check on the other man and is suddenly grabbed around the waist and restrained by an accomplice. A third man forcefully pulls his exclusive watch from his wrist. The three then run off into Van Baerlestraat towards Museumplein.

Reports of suspects:

suspect 1
Gender male;
Skin tone: Light tan with light beard growth;
Clothing: Black jacket, black pants and white shoes.

suspect 2
Gender male;
Skin color: White with a beard;
Height: 1.85 meters;
Clothing: Wearing glasses, white hat, black jacket, light blue jeans and black sneakers.

suspect 3
Gender male;
Skin color: White with light beard growth;
Age: about 25 years;
Height: 1.75 meters;
Hair: Black hair;
Stature: slim;
Clothing: Black cap, dark jacket with red lining, light jeans with holes and black shoes.

The detective and forensic investigation are investigating the case. The detective would like to get in touch with witnesses.

Witness call
Do you have footage of the period before, during or after the incident, for example from security cameras, video doorbells or dash cams in vehicles parked nearby? Then the research team would like to get in touch with you. Did you also see or hear anything that could help the investigation? People can report via 0900-8844 or anonymously via 0800-7000. You can upload the visual material via the tip form below.

Call the police


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