RIVM warns of smog in South and Central Netherlands in the coming days Yesterday, 1:22 PM in the Netherlands "Air quality is likely to be poor on Friday and Saturday in particular"can be read on the institute’s website.

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Temperatures above 30 degrees are expected in the coming days
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People living in the south and the center of the Netherlands may experience smog in the coming days. The air quality will probably be “insufficient to poor” until Saturday, the RIVM says. This could also be the case on Sunday.

“The air quality is probably particularly bad on Friday and Saturday,” can be read on the institute’s site. “People who are sensitive to smog can suffer from this.”

RIVM’s advice to those people is to stay indoors and not to exert themselves too much. “This advice is especially true in the afternoon and early evening, when the air is most polluted.” From Monday no more smog is expected.

Temperatures above 30 degrees and almost no wind are expected in the coming days.

“That is far above what you would normally expect in September,” NOS weatherman Peter Kuipers Munneke said about the summer weather at the beginning of this week. “The average temperature is 20 degrees at the beginning of September. We will be almost ten degrees above that in the coming week.”

The heat will last at least until next weekend. “Such warmth in September is really rare,” says Kuipers Munneke. “In the past 120 years, it has only happened about fifteen times that it became 29 degrees or warmer in De Bilt in September. That will probably happen again this week. That indicates that it is exceptional.”

Those warm temperatures mean enjoying for one, and puffing for the other:

Full beaches, heat in schools and dogs in the swimming pool; summer is back
  • Sunny and warm week ahead, possibly tropical
  • Summer 2023 globally by far the warmest ever recorded
  • Domestic

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