Right to review a matter of principle for Steiner: ‘The FIA ​​must take action’

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Right to review a matter of principle for Steiner: 'The FIA ​​must take action'

Günther Steiner has indicated that the right to review is mainly a matter of principle for the Haas team. The team boss of the American racing team believes that with the new information the FIA ​​has no choice but to impose penalties on drivers who have exceeded the track limits several times without punishment during the United States Grand Prix. Steiner secretly hopes that the FIA ​​will look at the rules surrounding track limits, because the Italian is absolutely not a fan of the rules.

When Formula 1 arrived in Brazil, Haas bombed the United States Grand Prix. It became clear that the American racing team had requested a right to review due to the fact that several drivers deliberately drove outside the lines of Turn 6 on the Circuit of the Americas. The FIA ​​had indicated that there are no camera images to properly map the violations. However, Haas has come up with images that would clearly show these violations.

For Haas, it is ultimately more a matter of principle than the team aiming for a better position in the constructors’ championship. Steiner understands that the competition management could not do much with its own images, but would like to see that the rules are applied with the new evidence. “There is new information and now we will see what the FIA ​​does once they have the information. I think they have to take action, otherwise we will set rules and then do nothing about them,” the team boss told Motorsport.com.

If it were up to the Italian, everyone would go unpunished, but the rules state that there will be a time penalty for drivers who cross the white line four times. Steiner believes that the FIA ​​should look carefully at its own rules for the future. ‘To be honest, I’m not a big fan of track limits. I am the last person who wants to impose penalties for exceeding the track limits. But if there is a rule, as a sport we have to respect the rules, that is more a matter of principle than of punishment.’

Haas wins little in the constructors’ championship

That it is more of a matter of principle becomes clear when looking at the constructors’ championship. Sergio Pérez, Lance Stroll, Alexander Albon and Logan Sargeant have all been summoned, and the teams will have to report to the stewards on Wednesday. When the penalties are handed out, Nico Hülkenberg scores six points in seventh place. The consequences in the championship will not be great, although Haas will find it more in line with the other teams.

7. Williams – 27 points (-1 point)

8. AlphaTauri – 25 points (+4)

9. Alfa Romeo – 20 points (+4)

10. Haas – 18 points (+6)

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