Reward offered in Ferdi Mathilda murder case

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Reward offered in Ferdi Mathilda murder case

Eindhoven – On Thursday morning, November 28, 2019, the dead body of Ferdi Mathilda from Boxtel was found in Eindhoven. He was violently killed. The perpetrator has not yet been found, but the investigation team has never released the case. In an ultimate attempt to solve the case, extra attention will be paid to the investigation in the coming period. Additional investigations are also being carried out at the crime scene. The Public Prosecution Service is offering a reward of 15,000 euros for the tip that leads to a solution of this case.

Ferdi was found dead that morning around 07:00 in the parking lot of a building on the Fuutlaan on the side of the railway. The investigation shows that Ferdi was killed by extreme violence. Among other things, the police are conducting extensive neighborhood investigations and talking to people from Mathilda’s area. Camera images are also viewed and analysed. So far, this has not led to a breakthrough in the case. In order to achieve that breakthrough, the research is currently being reviewed again. The latest techniques are used for this.

Crime scene
The place where Ferdi was killed in 2019 was extensively investigated at the time. Multiple traces were secured, including a knife and hammer. The police are currently working on a visual reconstruction, including the use of a drone. The crime scene, relevant traces or surveillance images are given a place in this visual reconstruction. This can help the detective team to test whether a certain scenario fits certain tracks. If new investigative techniques can help us, we will of course use them. The case is now several years old, but developments in the field of DNA, for example, are moving at lightning speed. We hope to be able to use that now.

Investigation programs
According to the police, there must be people who know more about the death of Ferdi Mathilda. On 3 and 4 April, Bureau Brabant and Opsporing Requested will therefore devote extensive attention to the case. The last day in the life of Ferdi Mathilda is reconstructed and never-before-seen footage is broadcast.

Do you know more?
The Fuutlaan is a fairly busy road, parallel to the railway, so we hope that there are people who have noticed something there during the night hours. Have you been there? Were you on a train that passed this location? Have you seen suspicious persons or vehicles, but have not yet shared this with us? Or do you possibly have information about the background of this case? Then contact the investigation team via the Investigation Line (0800-6070). You can also tip anonymously via Meld Misdaad Anoniem; 0800-7000

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