Review: Sony LinkBuds S – are the world’s lightest earbuds really that light?

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Time for a new earbud review, because today NL News Hilde tells you about the Sony LinkBuds S that she recently tried. Sony calls them the smallest and lightest Noise Canceling earplugs in the world. Are they really that light? Doesn’t that affect the quality? You can read it in this article!

Sony LinkBuds S

The Sony LinkBuds S earphones are very light at 4.8 grams and you notice that right away when you take them out of the packaging. When you slide the earplug into your ear, you hardly notice that there is anything in it. I did find the charging case to feel a bit fragile, precisely because it is so light. You will receive different caps with the earbuds to ensure that the earbuds fit well in your ear. By means of the fitting guidance in the Sony Headphones app, you can find out what the perfect size cap is for your ear.

In addition, you will also find many options in this app to personalize the sound to your own taste. There are no fewer than 20 different noise canceling functions available. This came across as quite overwhelming to me, because it is difficult to choose what suits you if you previously only had the choice of Noise Canceling on or off.

Adaptive Sound Control

Fortunately, Sony has come up with a solution for this, namely the Adaptive Sound Control function. This smart function detects where you are, what kind of activity you do and then adjusts the sound settings accordingly. For example, you can also set that when you start talking yourself, you hear all ambient sounds well so that you can have excellent conversations with your earphones in.

In practice, I noticed that this function could use some improvement. For example, I immediately heard all the ambient sounds when I coughed 1 time when I had a cold. Or did the earbuds switch between different noise canceling modes while cycling and I couldn’t turn it off without opening the Headphones app. That’s why after trying the function off for a while I switched back to manual adjustment.

New color

The reviewed Sony LinkBuds S has the color ocean blue. This new color was not chosen randomly but refers to the origin of the material. Parts of the housing and the charging case are made of resin material from recycled plastic water dispensers. This also explains why the earphones are so light. Sony developed this material to take advantage of its adhesive properties to reduce their carbon footprint.

Sony LinkBuds S connects to multiple devices at once

The Sony LinkBuds S also has the Multipoint Bluetooth function, which ensures that data can be connected to two devices at the same time. For example, if you watch a movie on your laptop and you receive a call on your phone at the same time, the earphones will switch automatically. This feature will also be rolled out to all other models in the LinkBuds series through a software update.

The Sony LinkBuds S can be purchased from 200.00 at various (online) points of sale. Personally I think 200,- for the earphones is a hefty price. However, if you compare different websites, you will see that they are already for sale for a lot less.

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