Review: Dyson Airstrait, you can use this hair straightener on wet hair

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Dyson Airstrait

Straightening your hair is always a lot of hassle. You want to do it on clean hair, but then it is often too wet. And anyone who has ever put a hair straightener on wet hair knows: bad news. NL News LauraJenny tried out the Dyson Airstrait: a kind of hair dryer that can straighten your hair. Real? In this article you can read whether that really works.

I think highly of Dyson when it comes to vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, but not when it comes to hair care products. Then I have a somewhat difficult relationship with the brand. I’m enthusiastic about their Corrale hair straightener, but the Airwrap really doesn’t make any sense on my hair. Now there seems to be a larger version of this, so maybe I have more luck with that with my long locks, but when it comes to hair I’m living the Dyson Dream a little less than many other people.

Dyson Airstrait boxDyson Airstrait box

Dyson Airstrait

When I heard about the Airstrait, I thought: this could be a success. After all, Dyson is a company that can do a lot with suction and blowing power and it proves that with this device. The Airstrait is best described as a combination of a hair straightener and a hairdryer: it blows your hair dry and straight with warm air. You place your hair between two plates, but they are not scalding hot like with a hair straightener. That is exactly why you can use this device on soaking wet hair. Great, because if anyone isn’t known for her patience, it’s me.

I sometimes even have trouble using the Dyson Airstrait properly. I have a lot of hair, which does not necessarily dry quickly, and it is also relatively long. The longest strands stop somewhere between my bra clasp and my buttocks. So I am quite a challenge for the Aistrait, but also for my own arms. It is therefore best to use the device on towel-dried hair instead of completely soaked hair, otherwise it takes too long. But actually ‘long’ is an exaggeration: in fifteen to twenty minutes you are completely dry and steep.

Yet the big advantage of the Airstrait compared to a regular hair straightener is not that it can also be used on wet hair. It’s all in the volume you maintain! There are people who love that very straight, flat styled hair. Yet many people want to maintain some volume. And that’s what the Airstrait is good at. It’s a bit more natural.

Straight, but natural hair

In addition, Dyson promises that your hair will also be damaged less, because the temperature does not exceed 140 degrees. Higher would be more harmful. Dyson promises that the temperature is constantly monitored by the Airstrait. When you turn on the device, it first cleans itself by blowing, and then you can put it on your hair. You notice that when you put the device on your hair, the blowing sound becomes louder, because it is then doing its work. I’m not a fan of the noise the device makes. In itself it is not terribly loud, but it is something that I think Dyson can still make some gains in.

Crazy plug

A special detail is the plug: it is a Portable Residual Current Device and Dyson has made it to use the device safely. You may be thinking: what kind of unit is this? It works like this: with 1600 Watts, the hairdryer does not have a very high consumption for a hairdryer-like device. It is precisely that adapter that ensures that the Airstrait itself can remain nice and light and safe. It takes some figuring out how it works with the buttons on it, but there is a sticker on the side that explains it.

Airstrait batteryAirstrait battery

Totally different

With the Airstrait, Dyson has really created a beautiful device that takes a completely different approach than we have previously seen in the world of hair. My hair felt healthier, had a kind of natural straightness and the device is easy to use. You can even give your hair a shot of cold to close the hair cuticles properly, something Dyson recommends when using the device. I also found my hair stayed straight for quite a long time, without losing any volume.

Note: do it slowly. While you are used to doing it a little faster with a hair straightener, this device – and your hair – actually benefit from taking it a little slower. In some cases, once per harvest is sufficient.

The device also has diffusers to ensure that you do not always get warm wind in your neck. You can see it in my slightly red face and the fact that I’m not wearing any makeup. That Airstraiten still makes you very warm. Because quite a bit of warm air escapes, I do it immediately after showering before I get dressed and put on make-up.


If I were to buy a Dyson hair product right now, it would probably be the Airstrait: it’s a much friendlier device than that pinchy hair straightener and it feels great in the hand. But the most important thing is of course the result: natural, straight hair that makes you look good.

Airstrait blushesAirstrait blushes

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Dyson AirstraitDyson Airstrait
Natural, straight hair
Works quite quickly
Works on wet hair
Less positive
Could be a little quieter
Good battery

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