Review: AGON’s AGM600 – a gaming mouse that isn’t ‘chunky’ for once

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Review: AGON’s AGM600 – a gaming mouse that isn’t ‘chunky’ for once

Whatever article you think of that has to do with gaming: it always has something ‘bonkish’ about it. It’s like it’s tougher and therefore more for gamers. On the other hand, you have the other move: the cat ear headset and the pink mini lines. Is there something in between? Sometimes. AGON’s AGM600 does a good job. Read our review here!

You can still see that it is a gaming mouse, but it is not such an extreme case that it is also equipped with a whole fair of lights. It’s really made to be good for gamers of all shapes and sizes and it pleases. The mouse fits very nicely in the hand, no matter how big or small your hand is. In addition, there are ten buttons, all of which are programmable. There is some light in it, but that is not Christmas tree lighting – more of a detail.

AGM600 laptop


According to maker AOC (the brand behind AGON), the mouse lasts up to 80 million clicks (in terms of battery) and we like to believe that. The mouse does click quite hard; you will hear the click on the plastic. It is a fairly high click, which does not necessarily make it a very annoying click. With a precision of 16,000 DPI, it’s also a fast mouse, so you can really put it to good use in the heat of virtual combat. There’s even a DPI button that lets you choose four different DPI modes, depending on what type of game you’re playing. Fan of sniping? For all those stealthy gamers, there is even a sniper button that should help you shoot even sharper.

That mouse may last 80 million clicks, but I am curious about the side grips. My experience is that because of the warmth of my hands or simply the quality of the glue, they often fall off a bit faster. It is sometimes difficult to get it right again. Fortunately, those AGM600 side grips feel very nice, just like the rest of the mouse. Not only because of the shape, but also because of the material. The mouse has a special coating to make it feel more comfortable. That is certainly successful, especially because there are not really separate grip rubbers on it, but simply a pattern has been applied to the plastic. That whole problem of fluttering rubber is therefore not there.

AGM600 laptop scroll wheel

Subtle gaming mouse

What I am also very pleased with is the braided cable. This is indeed not a wireless mouse, but that is only better in the case of gaming. With cable, the information is transmitted considerably faster and you don’t have to run into that your batteries are empty. A braided cable often ensures that knots are less likely to form and it is a bit smoother than a regular cable, in addition to looking more luxurious.

I used a rather hysterical Razer mouse for my office work for a while, often getting comments. Very nice in itself, but a slightly more subtle mouse that does deliver good performance is not an unnecessary luxury. This mouse still looks a bit like a gaming mouse, especially with that light, but you can set that yourself. Moreover, it is so nice in terms of shape that this is definitely a mouse that you can simply take back to the office. And then back home, because although this mouse can of course handle programs such as Outlook and Photoshop, it is really made for the harder mouse work, namely that of games.

AGM600 scroll wheel

Thanks to that DPI button, you can adjust how high it is to the game genre you play, making this a mouse that is very pleasant to use. It is often a hassle to set everything up and with many mice you remain dependent on the software, but AGM600 comes with so many options on the mouse itself that you do not always have to crawl into the menu of the device. And then I haven’t even told you the best thing about this mouse: it only costs 50 euros.

AGM600 gaming mouse
AGM600 laptop top down
Good value for money
Not too overly light
Fits very nicely in small and larger hands
Not too chunky
Less positive
Still that old-fashioned black and red
No wireless options

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