Resilience action against organized crime in the transport sector

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Breda, Etten-Leur, Halderberge – Last week special attention was paid to preventing and combating organized crime in the transport sector. Customs officers, prevention officers and agents entered into discussions with more than fifty drivers and thirty companies about criminal interference.

Brabant is a logistics hub for the whole world; not only for legal goods, but also for illegal goods such as drugs, money and weapons. Entrepreneurs are often unconsciously involved in criminal practices. This form of crime brings violence and undermines the transport sector and the government.


To combat this, special attention is paid to combating and preventing organized crime in the transport sector under the banner of the TFOC (Transport Facilitated Organized Crime) programme. Together with the industry, the Public Prosecution Service, Customs, Tax Authorities, Royal Military Police, PVO Brabant-Zeeland, Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, Labor Inspectorate, Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, municipalities and the police work to make drivers, entrepreneurs and other important players resilient. in the logistics sector against criminal interference. This approach is applied throughout the Netherlands.

Prevention, control and detection

Last week we again focused on prevention, control and detection. Thirty transport companies were visited by various partners. Of the thirty companies, fourteen were fully audited. More than fifty (truck) checks were also carried out along the highway. During the inspection, the police found nineteen violations, including: overloading, not having a valid driver’s license or not taking enough rest.

Report suspicious situations and nuisance

Companies and residents can contribute to a safe living environment. They can report suspicious situations and/or nuisance to the police via 0900-8844. You can report anonymously to Meld Misdaad Anoniem via 0800-7000 or via


– Action week: Zeeland West Brabant Unit
– Program TFOC: National Unit

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