Residents of Rotterdam buildings with a loose facade do not go home for three weeks 14:58 in Regional News The facade must first be secured to the building. After that, work will resume.

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Foundation work was under way under the houses

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The residents of four buildings in Rotterdam that were evacuated yesterday because of the risk of collapse are not allowed to go home for at least another three weeks. The facades are about to collapse.

A resident heard a bang yesterday morning and saw smoke. The fire service then found that the building was on the verge of collapse. The smoke was probably a cloud of dust. In the building they were engaged in foundation work.

Secure facade

The municipality has inspected the premises. It is not yet clear what caused the facade to come loose. The investigation shows that there are no cracks in the construction of the houses.

The facade must now first be secured to the building. That will take about three days. Once that has been done, the contractor can continue with the work on the foundation. That will take about three weeks. The municipality will check whether this is going well.

Prevent vibrations

The street has been closed to all traffic to prevent additional vibrations. “The aim is that public transport can drive through the street again as soon as the facade is secured,” a spokesperson for the municipality told Rijnmond.

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