Remains of drug lab discovered

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Dongen – During an integrated check by enforcers from the municipality of Dongen and the police, the remains of a drug lab were discovered this morning in a shed adjacent to a house on the Danielsweg. A van containing chemical waste suspected of originating from a drug lab was also seized. The driver, a 23-year-old man from Hoeven, was just about to drive off the site. He has been arrested.

Integral control
Enforcement officers from the municipality of Dongen and several police officers went out together today, Tuesday, February 6, 2024, for an integrated check to combat undermining activities. A house with a large shed on the Danielsweg was also scheduled for a re-inspection. Drug-related goods were also found at that address in 2019. When the investigating officers arrived, a van loaded with chemical drug waste was just about to leave the site. The 23-year-old driver was arrested by the police.

There was a chemical odor around the van and the building. It was taken into account that there were still people in the building. That is why an arrest team thoroughly searched the shed and house. A police helicopter monitored the area from the air. However, no one else was found. However, remains of a drug lab were found in the shed, such as equipment for producing drugs and waste products that are created. Employees of the National Facility for Support and Dismantling and Forensic Investigation are conducting a further investigation.

Quote Mayor Dongen
Mayor Bakermans: “The good cooperation between the municipal boas, police and Enexis has led to the detection of this drug lab. We know that this type of crime also occurs in Dongen, but we do not want this type of thing in the municipality. A drug lab is a danger to the environment and often attracts other crime. That is why I call on residents and entrepreneurs. Keep your eyes and ears open and report it to the police or call Report Crime Anonymous on 0800 – 7000. We really need each other to keep Dongen safe.”

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