Relatives of fugitive Jos Leijdekkers prosecuted for money laundering

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Cash was found in January, among other things

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The Public Prosecution Service (OM) will prosecute two family members of the fugitive Jos Leijdekkers for money laundering. According to Omroep Brabant, it concerns the 68-year-old mother and the 27-year-old sister of Leijdekkers.

In January, during house searches in Breda, Prinsenbeek and Rotterdam, the police found money and expensive items, such as handbags and watches, in the homes and office of the family members. The two women were arrested. The OM suspects that they accepted money and expensive gifts while they were aware of the criminal origin.

200,000 euros

Leijdekkers, also known as ‘Bolle Jos’, is suspected of large-scale cocaine trafficking and is one of the most wanted suspects in the Netherlands. Yesterday it was announced that the police are offering a record reward for the golden tip that leads to the 31-year-old man. Last year, the police offered 75,000 euros, now 125,000 euros will be added.

De Brabander is also suspected of involvement in the disappearance and death of Naima Jillal, who disappeared in Amsterdam in 2019.

  • Police come with record reward for golden tip that leads to Bolle Jos
  • Homes and office of relatives ‘Bolle Jos’ searched
  • ‘Bolle Jos’ on National Investigation List, reward for golden tip
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