Regional transport will strike for the last time tomorrow 14:15 in Economy Two mediators will be appointed who, together with the employers and the trade unions, will have to smooth out the stalled collective bargaining agreements.

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Strike in Almere
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Tomorrow will be the last strike in regional transport for the time being. Trade unions FNV and CNV suspend strikes until next week. They agree that two mediators will be appointed to speed up the stalled negotiations on a new collective agreement.

Strikes have been going on in regional transport for weeks, as a result of which there are far fewer buses, trains and trams.

Han Busker and Harry van de Kraats will be the two mediators who, together with the employers and the unions, will discuss a new collective labor agreement for regional transport. The unions demand higher wages and better working conditions.


The unions initially told their supporters today that they would no longer strike tomorrow, but that led to so much booing that they immediately backtracked.

The plan to strike tomorrow, on the day of the Provincial Council elections, previously led to criticism from State Secretary Heijnen for Infrastructure. She called on the unions not to strike that day.

“I think that the people who are on strike really have a sense of the fundamental right of everyone who wants to go to the polls and who is dependent on public transport for this,” said Heijnen.

Yesterday, trade unions and employers sat around the table for the first time in a long time, at the initiative of the traveler organization Rover. During those consultations, employers and trade unions said they were open to appointing scouts to ensure that negotiations on a new collective labor agreement get going again.

  • State Secretary calls for suspension of strikes in regional transport
  • The regional transport parties are discussing again, at the invitation of Rover
  • Economy

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