Regional transport will strike again on Wednesday and Friday due to the lack of a collective labor agreement

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Employees in regional transport will strike again on Wednesday and Friday for a better collective labor agreement. Trade union CNV and FNV report this. The unions warn that next week’s strikes will be the start of a new series of strikes, which will be announced at least 48 hours in advance, according to CNV.

Two weeks ago, work in regional public transport was halted for five days, but that strike did not lead to results. According to the FNV, the willingness to take action was high among bus drivers, among others, during that period.

“Even more than going on strike, employees in regional transport just want to do their job in a nice way for a good salary,” says FNV director Marijn van der Gaag in a statement. But the solution really lies with the employers.”

The FNV wants a wage increase that rises in line with inflation and measures against work pressure. The day before yesterday, Fred Kagie said on behalf of employers in public transport that the money is not there. The employers are offering an 8 percent wage increase this year.

“Unions believe that we should discuss these demands, under the threat and pressure of a strike that has already been announced. That is not a basis for us to talk. Strikes will not bring us to the table,” Kagie said at the time.

FNV director Van der Gaag believes that the limit has been reached. “The workload is too high due to irregular schedules and tight journey times. If nothing changes, it will be very bad for the future of public transport.” About 13,000 people fall under the regional transport collective agreement.

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