Redundancy round of VDL Nedcar car factory: first 300 employees lose their jobs 2:18 PM in Economy In one-on-one conversations, employees are told whether they should leave.

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Nedcar employees stopped work 9 times for a better social plan
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Three hundred VDL Nedcar employees will have to look for other work in the short term. This is confirmed by the FNV trade union. Today, employees will be told in a one-on-one conversation whether they can stay or have to leave for the time being. In the past, cars for DAF, Mitsubishi and BMW were assembled in the factory in Born. A new client has not reported.

For this reason, 1,800 people will probably eventually have to leave, including about a thousand temporary workers. Of the eight hundred permanent employees, two hundred have now taken advantage of a voluntary departure scheme. It is still unclear when the employees who do not yet have to leave will receive clarity. Some production may be able to continue.

Trade union FNV had already taken into account a larger round of dismissals this week. FNV director Ron Peters: “So this is a bit more positive. We do know that there will be another round of dismissals next year. The atmosphere is sad but also resigned. People saw it coming, but it is still a hard blow for some.”

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Nedcar employees are informed per team. They are then told personally whether they can stay or have to leave. The morning shift employees would already be aware. An employee, whose shift starts this afternoon, informed NOS that he is still waiting for an interview. VDL Nedcar has not yet responded.

In recent months, there have been nine strikes for a social plan. This included a wildcat strike. With this, the staff wanted to enforce a good dismissal scheme.

According to Ron Peters of FNV Metaal, the agreements are now being properly implemented: “Dismissed employees are now properly informed. In principle, they will continue working for another four months. They will receive a UWV form and can choose whether they will continue working today or go home.” Most people choose to go home anyway.”

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