Red Bull announces presentation date of Verstappen’s 2024 car

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Red Bull announces presentation date of Verstappen's 2024 car

Red Bull Racing has announced that it will show the RB20, the car with which the constructors’ champion will compete in 2024, to the world for the first time on February 15. With the RB20, Max Verstappen will try to extend his world title again, while Red Bull itself will also defend the title.

Red Bull announced the presentation date itself on the social media On. It is expected that Red Bull will not reveal the back of its tongue yet. In recent years it has become increasingly normal for the teams to only show the color scheme, and for the revolutionary parts of the car to only be used during the test days.

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Not long to wait for first image of ‘real RB20’

Of the seven teams that have announced their presentation date, Red Bull’s is the last on the calendar. Challenger Mercedes previously announced that the W15 will see the light of day on February 14, a day earlier than the RB20, while Ferrari in turn will also see the light of day a day earlier, on February 13. The presentation date of the new McLaren car is not yet known.

After the presentation of the RB20, it won’t be long to wait for moving images of Max Verstappen’s new car. Six days later, on February 21, the winter testing days start in Bahrain, which last three days until February 23. A week later, the opening race is also scheduled in Bahrain, with the free practice sessions on Thursday, February 29, and the Grand Prix itself on Saturday, March 2, due to Ramadan, which starts in March.

Red Bull previously failed crash test

Previously, there were rumors about an earlier presentation date from Red Bull. For example, February 10 and February 8 were already mentioned as dates, but in the end it was a week later. Last month, Red Bull was in the news because the RB20 failed the frontal crash test. Advisor Helmut Marko indicated that this was not a problem at all, and that it would have been bad news if the car had passed the crash test on the first attempt.

Chance of special test livery?

Although it is unlikely that Red Bull will show many new features to the world on February 15, there is a chance of a special livery during the testing days for Red Bull. The Austrian team has often attracted attention in previous years by using different color schemes during the winter test days or during the filming days, often in an attempt to better disguise the new parts.

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